Pranjal Agrawal began his business ventures in diverse disciplines after graduating in Banking and Insurance from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. With incomparable innovation, technical and management collaborations, Mr. Agrawal has brought growth and progress under his unmatched leadership. His passion for creating a business from scratch and making it a successful venture caused him to launch a few brands of diverse disciplines.

Welcome to Orilite!

A brand under the parent company Oriental Power Cable Limited, Orilite is one of India’s leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) products. With our substantial product range, orilite focus on a quicker, affordable and environment-friendly construction. We offer a wide range of AAC blocks for all your domestic and commercial requirements. Based in Kota, Rajasthan, we provide logistic services across all states of India. With tailor-made systems and intelligent packaging, Orilite ensures that the systems delivered are instantly usable. We provide extra tools for quicker construction with our systems, upon request from our clients. Orilite also offers technical assistance along withonsite demonstration to educate and generate awareness among various stakeholders including engineers, architects, contractors, masons and channel partners.

Why Orilite?

ORILITE ACC blocks adapts to every structural surface. It is suitable for floors, exterior and interior walls, roofs, elevator shafts, stairwells etc thus making it the most flexible material in all the applications.
Construction of buildings consumes 16% of water globally. A large portion of this goes in curing the surface while construction. The use of Orilite aerated concrete blocks and panels in construction reduces the consumption of water to 3% thus contributing in saving of natural resources.
We can save floor space area between 4-5%. High pressure autoclaving process gives unmatchable strength to weight ratio. Compressive Strength of Orilite ranges from 3.0 – 5.0 N/mm2. Using Orilite AAC materials saves time because of sizes, ease of work, zero curing etc.
Autoclaved aerated concrete products are very durable and will not degrade under normal climatic conditions. They have outstanding durability characteristics over traditional materials relative to humidity, freeze/thaw cycles and chemical attack.
AAC products have excellent thermal insulation properties which reduces the consumption for air conditioning or heating systems in the buildings. It helps to control temperature upto 30% inside the building hence saving electricity costs.

Our offices are located around the world

Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading Autoclaved Aerated Concrete producer in India and offer the best in class Autoclaved Aerated Concrete systems assisted by skilled technical support with services and solutions characterized by innovation and excellence for all our clients. Our blocks are environmental friendly, reliable and robust with better acoustic and thermal insulation & fire resistance than regular bricks. This innovative building material will help cut down construction time and costs.

Our strength comes from our core values that are –

  • Innovation,
  • Team Work
  • Loyalty

Our values are the foundation upon which we build valued relationships with our clients and employees. By holding our values in all actions, we create a promising future!

Our Vision

Our perpetual goal is to continue offering high quality and cost effective products that add value to our customers and foster a collaborative environment for the growth and sustainability of our clients and products. In a nutshell, we want  –

Our strength comes from our core values that are –

  • Our service to be as good as the quality of the products we produce,
  • To foster construction in an environmentally responsible manner
  • To exceed your expectations with exceptional service and innovative solutions.


Numerous pioneers have certified us for adhering to the rules and guidelines in order to see a better tomorrow for India.

Meet Our Team

We are a team driven by a passion to revolutionize the construction industry with the vision of a brighter and more eco-friendly future. We challenge and inspire the way people work and think. Meet the personalities behind the revolution…

Mukesh Kasera


Priyank Mehta

Vice President

Mridul Sharma

General Manager