Orifinish Wall putty is a finish coat applied on the wall and ceilings to cover unevenness and pinholes on the plastered wall. It not only strengthen walls but also protects expensive paint from dampness and moisture.


Technical Data

Preperation and Application

  1. Surface shall be plastered or made with cementitious material & totally clean.
  2. Surface shall be moderately rough (Neither too-rough nor too-smooth).
  3. Surface shall be just wet.
  4. Apply first coat.
  5. Use spatula / blade/trowel on the wall with “bottom to top. configuration.
  6. Apply second coat preferably after @ 8 hrs in hot season & after overnight in cold season. Second coat if needed to be applied to even out.
  7. Re-mix putty paste again for @ 1 minute, if it is left un-disturbed for @ 30 minutes.
  8. Allow to dry completely. To get extra smooth finish apply two coat of fine Orifinish wall putty maximum up to 1mm total thickness.
  9. Allow complete dry. Paint could be done after complete drying of putty normally after 3 days.
  10. Clean application tools with clean water.

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